John 1-4

Introduction: The Gospel of John, written anonymously towards the end of the 1st century, documents the baptism, life, teachings, death, resurrection, and post-resurrection appearances of Jesus.  It shows evidence of being written in multiple stages, reaching its final form around 90-100 AD.

John 1-4: Jesus was the Word, who from the beginning was God, through whom all things were made.  God sent John as a witness to Jesus.  John baptizes followers in water and predicts the arrival of Jesus, “whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose”.  The next day, Jesus arrives and is acknowledged by John; he gets four disciples in two days.  At a wedding, Jesus turns water to wine after the hosts run out of wine.  At Passover, Jesus went to Jerusalem and chased the merchants and money changers out of the Temple.  Jesus converses with a Pharisee named Nicodemus, teaching that one cannot see the kingdom of God without spiritual rebirth, and that whoever believes in God’s son will have everlasting life.  Jesus travels to Sychar and meets a Samaritan woman at a water well, convincing her that He is the messiah.  Other Samaritans from Sychar come out to meet him, and are also convinced that the is the savior of the world.  Jesus travels to Galilee, meets a nobleman, and heals his son from a distance.

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