Deuteronomy 13-16: Kill all infidels!

When a prophet appears among you who advocates worship of another god, kill him! If your own relatives try to convince you to worship other gods, show him no pity; stone them to death yourself. Do this even if the relative is your son or daughter. If the inhabitants of one of your towns start worshiping another god, kill all the people and cattle in that town, burn down the town, and do not rebuild.

Do not eat anything abhorrent. You shall only eat animals that have true hoofs and chew the cud. Among water animals, you may eat anything that has fins and scales; among birds, you may eat anything not on the given list. All insects are forbidden, as is all carrion.

Every year, set asset a tenth of the yield of your field and consume it in the central sanctuary. If it is too far, convert your yield into money and buy anything you want at the central sanctuary for celebration. Do not neglect the Levite; every third year, you shall leave out your tithe in your own settlement for the Levite, stranger, fatherless, and widow. Every 7th year, you shall forgive all debts to Israelites and free all slaves, except those who voluntarily stay with you. At all times, you shall give liberally to those in need, without any regret.  Observe these festivals: Passover, when you may not eat leavened bread for 7 days; the Feast of Weeks 7 weeks after Passover, when you offer your freewill offering and rejoice before the LORD; and the Feast of Booths, when you shall rejoice in a festival for 7 days. These shall be pilgrimage festivals, when you must celebrate in the central sanctuary.


  • The list of clean and unclean animals in 14:3-21 is slightly different from the list in Lev. 11:2-23.  For example, this list forbids all insects, while the one in Leviticus allows some types of insects.
  • Similarly, the practice of tithing is not the same in 14:23 as they are in Lev. 27:30-33 and Num. 18:21-32.  Here, tithes are enjoyed by the taxpayer himself, and must be eaten at the central sanctuary.  In Leviticus, the tithes are assigned to the sanctuary; in Numbers, they are assigned to the Levites.
  • The social program in ch. 15 alternates between idealistic and practical.  v.4 reads “There shall be no needy among you…” while v.11 reads “For there will never cease to be needy ones in your land, which is why I command you: open your hand to the poor and needy kinsman in your land.”
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2 Responses to Deuteronomy 13-16: Kill all infidels!

  1. mclasper says:

    The Bible is such a fun book! The words kill, killed, slew, slain, murdered and smite show up so often! Mostly in the form of pointless murder – orders given by an all loving God!

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    • mzzhang says:

      Isn’t it awesome? This God isn’t even satisfied with genocide. He insists that not only should all Canaanite men, women, and children be killed, so should all the animals, and all the loot should be burnt.

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